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ASPIRE ODAN COILS, Mesh 0.18Ω, 0.2Ω & 0.3Ω Replacement Deco Vape Coils (3pk)

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ASPIRE ODAN COILS, Mesh 0.18Ω, 0.2Ω & 0.3Ω Replacement Vape Coils (3 pack)

Power your Aspire Odan or Odan Mini using the all new Aspire Odan Coils. The brand new coils with all new wicking elements made up of 80% Linen Cotton and 20% Japanese Organic Cotton.

Linen Cotton is resistant to high temperatures, it is much more efficient at slow wicking juice than regular cotton and has antibacterial characters as well. Japanese Organic Cotton has a long history of use in vaping due to the fresh / natural way it tastes when vaped and of course balances the wicking process against the Linen cotton really well.

The result when used with the all new mesh material means an extremely smooth experience, ultra intense flavour and thick dense clouds.

The Aspire Odan Coils currently have 3 variations: 

0.18Ω Mesh (60-80W) 

0.2 ohm Mesh ( 50-60 watts ) 

0.3 ohm Mesh ( 35-45 watts )



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